Health Ministry

In 2008 we began a congregational "Health Ministry" with the goals of exchanging useful information and helping members navigate an ever more complex health care system. Mamie Snook and Sue Lyon are co-ordinators and a team of church members in the medical profession serve to guide this ministry. They are helped by a group of additional volunteers. There have been several seminars offered, based on the responses from a church-wide survey. Please contact Mamie Snook for more information!

We now have a Phillips AED Defibrillator in place. Hopefully it will never be used, however, this particular device can be adapted for use on children & infants. This could be the difference of life or death in the case of a heart attack or cardiac arrest. On average their are 250,000 cases per year in the United States where the heart stops beating with no previous symptoms. 

There is an Alzheimer's family support group that meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Senior Center on Market St. in Portsmouth, Ohio. More information on the "Lungs For Life" FREE screening is available at